Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OhMGee (OMG) LOL....Free Birthday Treats !!

Wow !! Until Jan 2011 I had no clue about Thank you Natalie. If you have not already heard about this outstanding website, then you must go there ASAP. I have signed up with over 20 different restaurants and entertainment venues that will ensure that I have a HAPPY HAPPY birthday for the entire month of January and even until the first week of February. My auntie and I both went to Benihana's Hibachi Grill today..

We were emailed both a $30 birthday certificate. I managed to buy two entrees and one sushi dish (Las Vegas Roll). Ouch !! Another one of our friends, whose birthday happens to be in January, was supposed to tag along with us. That would have been a total of $90....This has been an awesome birthday celebration.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LeBron James & Family mourn the death of their young cousin...senselessly murdered..

Frequently I watch The First 48, which airs on A&E. More and more young people are taking the lives of other young adults. Violence among young people in America continues to sadden me. How about you? Many of the homicide cases on The First 48 involve children under the age of 18. Sadly enough they do not realize that hanging with the wrong crowd of people can implicate them into legal troubles. If you are just simply riding with a group of friends who decide to rob and kill someone, then you will be (most of the time) charged with robbery and murder along with you friends; even if you did not commit the crime. Young people choose your friends wisely.
This excerpt is courtesy of FOX19:
A fight between two teen boys at a birthday party in North Avondale escalated into a shooting that left 17-year-old Uriah Ware dead.

Ware was leaving a party when the shooting occurred just before midnight on Saturday.

Cincinnati Police say Ware was found shot in the face at the former National Guard Armory on Reading Road.

Investigators say about 20 to 30 rounds were fired, and a stray bullet hit Ware in the face.

He died at the scene according to police. 

This 17-year-old is the cousin of famed NBA player Lebron James. I send my condolences to him and his family....this is sad