Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OhMGee (OMG) LOL....Free Birthday Treats !!

Wow !! Until Jan 2011 I had no clue about Thank you Natalie. If you have not already heard about this outstanding website, then you must go there ASAP. I have signed up with over 20 different restaurants and entertainment venues that will ensure that I have a HAPPY HAPPY birthday for the entire month of January and even until the first week of February. My auntie and I both went to Benihana's Hibachi Grill today..

We were emailed both a $30 birthday certificate. I managed to buy two entrees and one sushi dish (Las Vegas Roll). Ouch !! Another one of our friends, whose birthday happens to be in January, was supposed to tag along with us. That would have been a total of $90....This has been an awesome birthday celebration.


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